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Updates and Links
Updates and Links

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2-8-2004: Edited Adrian's solo in Heaven Can Wait to make it printable.

9-20-03: Added "Virus," first new tab in aver 5 months. Look for some more Powerslave-era stuff to come.

9-14-03: Fixed a few mistakes in Seventh Son. I had most of Riff 5 written on the wrong string, and had a harmony part repeating, when there was a different note at the end. Thanks to Russ Elton for pointing those mistakes out.

4-1-03: Added Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (after spending 4 months off and on transcribing it...).

3-31-03: Had Dave's harmony line at the end of Heaven Can Wait on the wrong strings...fixed it. Thanks to Brian Van Maurik for pointing that out.

3-25-03: Added Heaven Can Wait and The Trooper.

3-24-03: Started site, added Die With Your Boots On and Aces High.

Expect to see some songs from Powerslave and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son first, as those are the albums I'm working on right now.