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Stormrider2112's Iron Maiden Collection And Bootleg Trade Site

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Rules For Trading:

1. I will trade CD-R's of shows I have for those I don't have and want, on a 1-for-1 ratio...willing to negotiate this, though

2. I do NOT have the equipment to copy DVDs, or VHS/DVD to audio.

3. As far as "who sends first," it makes no difference to me. I am new to bootleg trading and I do not give myself precidence over more experienced traders.

4. I am also willing to trade for Rush, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Edguy, and Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Metallica, as well as a few other bands.

5. Please use good quality CD-Rs or cassettes (only use cassettes if you have no way to put the show on CD-R). I will do the same.

6. E-mail me if you want to trade.

I currently have the following:


07-04-1978-Texxas World Music Festival, Cotton Bowl, Dallas Texas, 1 CD
12-31-1999-Osaka, Japan, 2 CD


05-03-2002-Stadthalle, Lichtenfels, Germany, 2 CD
05-25-2002-Universal Sport Hall, Moscow, Russia, 2 CD


02-23-1991-Karlsruhe, Germany, 1 CD (Gene sings "Stormrider" and "Mystical End")
02-15-2002-Gothenburg, Sweden, 2 CD
xx-xx-2002-Philadelhia, Pennsylvania, 1 VHS


xx-xx-1981-First show in Japan, 2 CD
06-29-1982-The Palladium, New York City, New York
05-25-1983-Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 2 CD
11-03-1984-Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 CD
12-19-1985-Marquee Club, London, England (The Entire Population Of Hackney gig), 1 CD
10-22-1986-Hanley, England, 2 CD
11-29-1986-Omnisport De Bercy, Paris, France, 1 VHS
12-16-1986-Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy, 2 CD (1st song missing first 5 minutes or so)
03-11-1987-Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, USA, 2 CD
08-20-1988-Monsters Of Rock, Donington Castle, England, 1 CD
11-27-1988-Birmingham NEC, Birmingham, England, 1 CD (Maiden England audio rip)
10-30-1990-Palais Omnisport de Becry, Paris, France, 2 CD
11-09-1990-Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2 CD
08-29-1996-Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile, 1 VHS ("Blaze gets pissed" gig)
08-24-1996-Pacaembu Stadium, San Paulo, Brazil, 1 CD (incomplete)
05-19-1998-Real Madrid Pavilion, Madrid, Spain, 2 CD
09-09-1999-Palais Omniport de Bercy, Paris, France, 2 CD
09-12-1999-Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany, 1 VHS
06-03-2000-Dynamo Festival, Nijmegen, Holland, 2 CD
08-05-2000-Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 1 VHS
08-09-2000-Cumberland Country Civic Center, Portland, Maine, 1 VHS
09-10-2000-Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, California, USA, 2 CD
07-21-2003-Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, Massachusetts, 2 CD


08-31-1969-Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, Texas, 1 CD
Silver Coated Rails-Various venues, varius dates, 1 CD
12-23-1972-Alexander Palace, London, England, 2 CD


02-05-1991-Aucklund, New Zealand
04-20-1998-New Orleans, Louisiana, 1 CD


??-??-1983-San Francisco, California (Bay Area Thrashers [No Life Til Leather with crowd noise]), 1 CD
03-15-1985-San Francisco, California, 1 CD
05-09-1997-Cunning Stunts (audio rip), 2 CD
06-20-1993-Basel, Switzerland, 2 CD