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My Iron Maiden Collection
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My Entire Collection

This is my CD and record collection. I might add cassettes, but since they mostly suck, and the fact that I never listen to cassettes, I'll have to get very motivated (or just too damn bored!) to post them.

Total: 928
CD: 779
Vinyl: 81 
Video: 68


++3 Inches Of Blood++
Battlecry Under A Winter Sun (CD) 
Advance And Vanquish (CD)
Fire Up The Blades (CD)
Here Waits Thy Doom (CD)
Long Live Heavy Metal (CD)


Reckless And Wild (CD)

++Adrenaline Mob++
Omertį (CD)

Aerosmith (CD)
Get Your Wings (CD)
Toys In The Attic (CD)
Draw The Line (CD)
Live Bootleg (CD)
Night In The Ruts (CD)
Greatest Hits (CD)
Rock In A Hard Place (CD)
Done With Mirrors (CD)
Darkness (12" single)
Classics Live! (CD)
Classics Live! II (CD)
Permanent Vaction (CD)
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (12" single)
Gems (CD)
Pump (CD)
The Other Side (CD single)
Pandora's Box (3 CD box set)
Get A Grip (CD)
Get Amazed (CD...bootleg compilation of all the Get A Grip b-sides)
Big Ones (CD)
Nine Lives (CD)
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (7" single)
Hole In My Soul (7" single)
A Little South Of Sanity (2 CD)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (CD single)
Just Push Play (CD)
Just Push Play (Best Buy version, w/bonus track)
Jaded (CD single, US version)
Jaded (CD single, UK version)
Girls Of Summer (CD single)
Honkin' On Bobo (deluxe limited edition) 

++Ancient Bards++
The Alliance Of Kings (CD)
A New Dawn Ending (CD, signed)

++...and Oceans++
Cypher (promo CD) 

++Angel Witch++
Angel Witch: 25th Anniversary (CD)

Alice In Hell (CD)
Never, Neverland (CD)

++Ария (Aria)++
Мания Величия (Megalomania) (CD)
С Кем Ты? (Whom Are You With?) (CD)
Герой Асфалта (Speedway Hero) (CD)
Игра С Огнём (Playing With Fire) (CD)
Кровь За Кровь (Blood For Blood) (CD)
Ночь Короче Дня (Night Is Shorter Than The Day) (CD)
Генератор Зла (Generator Of Evil) (CD)
Химера (Chimera) (CD)
Крещение Огнём (Baptism Of Fire) (CD)
Армагеддон (Armageddon) (CD)
Герой Асфалта - 20 Лет (Speedway Hero: 20th Anniversary) (2 CD)
Феникс (Phoenix) (CD)

Silver And Gold (CD)
Silver And Gold (LP)
Silver And Gold (7" clear vinyl single)
Down The Wire (12" poster sleeve single) 
Down The Wire (shaped picture disc)
Down The Wire (12" uncut shaped picture disc single)

The Metal Opera, Part I (CD)
The Metal Opera, Part II (CD)
Scarecrow (CD)
The Wicked Symphony + Angel Of Babylon (Deluxe 2 CD)
The Mystery Of Time (CD)

The Theory Of Everything (2 CD + DVD)


++Beyond The Embrace++
Against The Elements (CD)

++Lewis Black++
The Carnegie Hall Performance (2 CD)

++Black Bonzo++
Sound Of The Apocalypse (CD)

++Black Sabbath++ 
Black Sabbath (CD)
Master Of Reality (CD)
Vol. 4 (CD)
Sabotage (CD)  
Heaven And Hell (CD)
Mob Rules (CD)
Live Evil (2 CD)
Dehumanizer (CD)
The Dio Years (CD)

Silicon Messiah (CD)
Tenth Dimension (2 CD digipack version)
As Live As It Gets (2 CD)
Blood And Belief (CD)

++Blaze Bayley++
The Man Who Would Not Die (CD)
Promise And Terror (CD)
The King Of Metal (CD)

++Blind Guardian++
Battalions Of Fear (CD)
Follow The Blind (CD)
Tales From the Twilight World (CD)
Somewhere Far Beyond (CD)
Tokyo Tales (CD)
Imaginations From The Other Side (CD)
A Past And Future Secret (CD single)
The Forgotten Tales (CD)
Mr. Sandman (CD single)
Nightfall In Middle-Earth (CD)
Mirror Mirror (CD single)
A Night At The Opera (CD, US version, w/"Mies Del Dolor")
And Then There Was Silence (CD single)
A Twist In The Myth (CD)
Fly (CD Single)
Another Stranger Me (CD single)
At The Edge Of Time (2 CD)
Memories Of A Time To Come (3 CD)

++Blind Illusion++
The Sane Asylum (CD digipack)

++Blistered Earth++
Blistered Earth (CD)

++Bon Jovi++
Cross Road (CD)

Buckcherry (CD)


Supremacy Of Steel (CD)

++George Carlin++
A Place For My Stuff! (CD)
Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics (CD)
The Little David Years (7 CD box set)
Complaints And Grievances (CD)
Life Is Worth Losing (CD) 
It's Bad For Ya (CD)

++Belinda Carlisle++
Belinda (CD)
Heaven On Earth (CD)
Runaway Horses (CD)
Live Your Life Be Free (CD)
Real (CD)
The Anthology (3 CD + 2 DVD box set)

++Children Of Bodom++
Relentless Reckless Forever (CD + DVD)
Halo Of Blood (CD + DVD)

Big Fat Box Of Shit (CD)

++Eric Clapton++
Slowhand (CD)


++Dark Angel++
Darkness Descends (CD)
Leave Scars (CD)
Time Does Not Heal (CD)

Leprosy (CD)
Human (CD)
Individual Thought Patterns (CD)
Symbolic (CD)
The Sound Of Perseverance (CD)

++Death Angel++
The Ultra-Violence (CD)
Archives And Artifacts (3 CD + DVD) 
Relentless Retribution (CD + DVD)
The Dream Calls For Blood (CD)

++Death Dealer++
War Master (CD)

++Deep Purple++
Fireball (Deluxe Edition)
Machine Head (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
Burn (CD, 2004 remaster)
Perfect Strangers (CD)

++Def Leppard++
On Through The Night (CD)
High 'N' Dry (CD)
Pyromania (CD)
Hysteria (CD)
Adrenalize (CD)

++Demons & Wizards++
Demons & Wizards (CD digipak)
Touched By The Crimson King (CD with bonus tracks)

The Dethalbum (CD)

++Diamond Head++
Lightning To The Nations (Deluxe edition CD)
Lightning To The Nations (2004 Earmark LP reissue)
In The Heat Of The Night (2 7" EP)
Four Cuts (7" EP) 
Borrowed Time (CD digipack)
Canterbury (CD digipack)
Behold the Beginning (CD)
Death And Progress (CD)
The Best Of Diamond Head (CD)

++Paul Di'Anno++
Beyond The Maiden...The Best Of (2 CD)

++Bruce Dickinson++
Tattooed Millionaire (CD)
Tattooed Millionaire (2002 reissue CD, 5 bonus tracks)
Balls To Picasso (CD)
Balls To Picasso (2005 2 CD reissue)
Skunkworks (CD)
Skunkworks (2005 2 CD reissue)
Accident Of Birth (CD)
Accident Of Birth (Japanese CD)
Accident Of Birth (2005 2 CD reissue)
The Chemical Wedding (CD)
The Chemical Wedding (2005 CD reissue)
The Best Of Bruce Dickinson (2 CD version)
Tyranny Of Souls (CD)

Holy Diver (CD)
The Last In Line (CD)
Sacred Heart (CD)
Dream Evil (CD)
Lock Up The Wolves (CD)
Strange Highways (CD)
The Very Beast Of Dio (CD) 
Magica (CD)
Killing The Dragon (CD)
Evil Or Divine (CD+DVD)
Master Of The Moon (CD)
At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (2 CD)

++Dire Straits++
Sultans Of Swing: The Very Best Of Dire Straits (CD)

Storm of The Light's Bane/Where Dead Angels Lie (CD Digipack)

Valley Of The Damned (CD)
Sonic Firestorm (digipak CD)
Inhuman Rampage (digipak CD)
Inhuman Rampage (CD)
Ultra Beatdown (CD)
Ultra Beatdown (LP)
The Power Within (CD)

Under The Grey Banner (CD)

++Dream Evil++
Dragonslayer (CD)
Evilized (CD)
The Book Of Heavy Metal (CD+DVD)
United (2 CD) 
In The Night (CD)

++Dream Theater++
Images And Words (CD)
Awake (CD)
A Change Of Seasons (CD)
Falling Into Infinity (CD)
Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory (CD)
6 Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (2 CD)
Train Of Thought (CD)
Octavarium (CD)
Systematic Chaos (CD+DVD)
Black Clouds And Silver Linings (3 CD digipack)
A Dramatic Turn Of Events (CD + DVD)
Dream Theater (2 CD)


Kingdom Of Madness (CD)
Vain Glory Opera (CD)
Theater Of Salvation (CD)
The Savage Poetry (CD)
The Savage Poetry/Savage Poetry (2 CD)
Mandrake (CD)
Painting On The Wall (CD EP)
Burning Down The Opera (2 CD limited edition book version)
Hellfire Club (Japanese version, +3 bonus tracks)
King Of Fools (CD EP)
Rocket Ride (Limited Edition CD)
Rocket Ride (Japanese CD+DVD)
Superheroes (CD EP) 
Fucking With Fire (2 CD)
Tinnitus Sanctus (2 CD)
The Singles (CD)
Age Of The Joker (CD)
Age Of The Joker (2 CD digipak)
Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown (2 CD digipak)

God's Silence, Devil's Temptation (CD)
Greifshire (CD Digipack) 
Catharsis (CD + DVD)

In The Nightside Eclipse (CD remaster, +2 bonus tracks) 

Consign To Oblivion (CD)
The Divine Conspiracy (CD)
Design Your Universe (CD)
Requiem For The Indifferent (CD)

Bonded By Blood (CD, alternate art)
Pleasures Of The Flesh (LP)
Pleasures Of The Flesh (CD)
Fabulous Disaster (CD) 
Impact Is Imminent (mini-LP CD)
Tempo Of The Damned (CD w/slipcase)
Shovel Headed Kill Machine (digipak CD)
The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A (CD w/slipcase)
Exhibit B: The Human Condition (CD)
Let There Be Blood


++Fates Warning++
The Spectre Within (CD)
Awaken The Guardian (2 CD + DVD)

++Fleetwood Mac++
The Dance (CD)


++Gamma Ray++
Heading For Tomorrow (CD)
Heading For Tomorrow (Ultimate Collection CD)
Sigh No More (Ultimate Collection CD)
Insanity And Genius (Ultimate Collection CD)
Land Of The Free (Ultimate Collection CD)
Somewhere In Space (Ultimate Collection CD)
Power Plant (Ultimate Collection CD)
No World Order (CD)
Majestic (CD)
Land Of The Free II (CD) 
Hell Yeah!!! - Live In Montréal (2 CD)
To The Metal! (CD + DVD)
Empire Of The Undead (CD + DVD)

++Grand Magus++
Hammer Of The North (CD)

++Guns N Roses++
Appetite For Destruction (CD)


Glory To The Brave (CD)
Threshold (CD)
Infected (CD)

Unnatural Selection (CD)

++Mitch Hedberg++ 
Mitch All Together (CD+DVD)
Do You Believe In Gosh? (CD digipack)

Breaking The Silence (CD)
Victims Of Deception (CD)
The Evolution Of Chaos (CD)

++Heaven & Hell++
The Devil You Know (CD)

Helloween/Walls Of Jericho (CD)
Helloween/Walls Of Jericho (2 CD Expanded Edition)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I (CD)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I (Expanded Edition CD)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (CD)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (2 CD Expanded Edition)
Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Expanded Edition CD)
Chameleon (Expanded Edition CD)
Better Than Raw (Expanded Edition CD)
Master Of The Rings (2 CD Expanded Edition)
The Time Of The Oath (2 CD Expanded Edition)
Treasure Chest (2 CD)
Rabbit Don't Come Easy (CD)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy (2 CD)
The Singles Box 1985-1992 (7 CD Box Set) 
Gambling With The Devil (CD)
7 Sinners (CD)
Straight Out Of Hell (CD digipack)

++Hippocratic Oaf++
No Charge (CD)


++Iced Earth++
Iced Earth (CD)
Iced Earth (CD, European cover)
Night Of The Stormrider (CD)
Burnt Offerings (CD)
Days Of Purgatory (2 CD digipack version)
The Dark Saga (CD)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (CD)
The Melancholy EP (CD, non-limited version)
Alive In Athens (3 CD version)
Alive In Athens (5 LP Picture Disc version)
Horror Show (2 CD, US version)
Horror Show (2 LP)
Dark Genesis (5 CD box set)
Tribute To The Gods (CD digipack)
The Glorious Burden (2 CD deluxe edition)
The Reckoning EP (CD)
Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part I) (CD Digipack) 
Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part I) (2 LP)
Overture Of The Wicked (CD)
Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part II) (CD Digipack)
Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part II) (2 LP)
Dystopia (CD deluxe edition)
Live In Ancient Kourion (2 CD + DVD)
Plagues Of Babylon (CD + DVD)

++Iron Maiden++

The Soundhouse Tapes (2002 reissue CD)
Iron Maiden (LP) 
Iron Maiden (2012 reissue LP picture disc)
Iron Maiden (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
Iron Maiden (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Iron Maiden (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Sanctuary (12", Holland, 4 tracks)
Live!! + One (12" EP)
Killers (LP) 
Killers (2012 reissue LP picture disc)
Killers (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
Killers (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Killers (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Killers (2002 slipcase reissue CD)
Maiden Japan (12", US, 5 tracks)
The Number Of The Beast (LP) 
The Number Of The Beast (2012 reissue LP picture disc)
The Number Of The Beast (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
The Number Of The Beast (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
The Number Of The Beast (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
The Number Of The Beast (2002 slipcase reissue CD)
Piece Of Mind (LP)
Piece Of Mind (2012 reissue LP picture disc)
Piece Of Mind (1995 Castle 2 CD reissue)
Piece Of Mind (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Piece Of Mind (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Piece Of Mind (2002 slipcase reissue CD)
Powerslave (LP) 
Powerslave (2013 reissue LP picture disc)
Powerslave (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
Powerslave (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Powerslave (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Powerslave (2002 slipcase reissue CD) 
Live After Death (2 LP) 
Live After Death (2013 reissue 2 LP picture disc)
Live After Death (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
Live After Death (1998 Raw Power reissue 2 CD)
Live After Death (2002 mini-LP reissue 2 CD)
Live After Death (2002 slipcase reissue CD)
Somewhere In Time (LP)
Somewhere In Time (2013 reissue LP picture disc)
Somewhere In Time (1995 Castle 2 CD reissue)
Somewhere In Time (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Somewhere In Time (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Somewhere In Time (2002 slipcase reissue CD)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (LP picture disc) 
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2013 reissue LP)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2002 slipcase reissue)  
Running Free/Sanctuary (CD)
Women In Uniform/Twilight Zone (CD)
Purgatory/Maiden Japan (CD)
Run To The Hills/The Number Of the Beast (CD)
Flight Of Icarus/The Trooper (CD)
2 Minutes To Midnight/Aces High (CD)
Running Free (Live)/Run To the Hills (Live) (CD)
Wasted Years/Stranger in A Strange Land (CD)
Can I Play With Madness/The Evil That Men Do (CD)
The Clairvoyant/Infinite Dreams (CD)
No Prayer For The Dying (LP)
No Prayer For The Dying (1995 Castle reissue 2 CD)
No Prayer For The Dying (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
No Prayer For The Dying (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
No Prayer For The Dying (promo CD)
Holy Smoke (CD single)
Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter (7" etched vinyl single)
Bring Your Daughter...To the Slaughter (12" single with 1991 calendar)
Fear Of The Dark (2 LP)
Fear Of The Dark (2 LP, Brazilian)
Fear Of The Dark (1995 Castle 2 CD reissue)
Fear Of The Dark (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Fear Of The Dark (2002 mini-LP reissue CD) 
Fear Of The Dark (2002 slipcase reissue)
Be Quick Or Be Dead (CD single)
Wasting Love (CD single)
From Here To Eternity (12" poster sleeve)
A Real Live One (CD)
A Real Live One (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
A Real Dead One (CD)
A Real Dead One (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
A Real Live Dead One (1998 Raw Power reissue CD)
Hallowed Be Thy Name Live (CD single)
Hallowed Be Thy Name Live (7" poster sleeve single)
Live At Donington (1998 Raw Power reissue)
Live At Donington (2002 mini-LP reissue)
The X Factor (CD, European cover)
The X Factor (CD, US cover)
The X Factor (2 CD, Japanese)
The X Factor (2 LP)
The X Factor (2002 mini-LP reissue CD)
The X Factor (2002 slipcase reissue)  
Man On The Edge (CD 1, with box)
Man On The Edge (CD 2)
Man On The Edge (12" picture disc)
Lord Of The Flies (CD single)
Best Of The Beast (single CD)
Best Of The Beast (double CD)
Best Of The Beast (double CD book version)
Best Of The Beast (4 LP Box Set)  
Best Of The Beast (2 LP book)
Virus (9 track Best Of The Beast promo CD)
Virus (CD 1, with box)
Virus (CD 2)
Virus (12" picture disc)
Virtual XI (CD)
Virtual XI (2 LP)
Virtual XI (2 CD, Japanese)
Virtual XI (2002 mini-LP reissue CD) 
Virtual XI (2002 slipcase reissue)
The Angel And The Gambler (CD 1)
The Angel And The Gambler (CD 2)
The Angel And the Gambler (7" picture disc)
Futureal (CD digipack)
Maiden Hell (CD, Raw Power reissue promo)
Ed Hunter (2 CD with PC game)
Brave New World (CD)
Brave New World (UK CD)
Brave New World (2 12" picture discs)
The Wicker Man (CD 1)
The Wicker Man (CD 2, clear CD, PVC slipcase w/insert card)
The Wicker Man (12" picture disc)
Out Of The Silent Planet (CD single, digipack)
Out Of The Silent Planet (CD single, alternate cover, jewel case)
Out Of The Silent Planet (7" red vinyl)
Out Of The Silent Planet (12" picture disc)
Rock In Rio (2 CD)
Rock In Rio (2 CD, slipcase)
Run To The Hills (2002, CD 1)
Run To the Hills (2002, CD 2)
Run To The Hills (2002 reissue, 7" red vinyl)
17 Numbers By The Beast (CD, US promo only)
Edward The Great (US CD)
Edward The Great (UK CD) 
Eddie's Archive (8 track promo CD)
Eddie's Archive (6 CD box set)
Dance Of Death (CD)
Dance Of Death (2 12" picture discs)
Wildest Dreams (CD single)
Wildest Dreams (7" green vinyl)
Rainmaker (CD single)
Rainmaker (Pock It! 3" CD single)
Rainmaker (7" blue vinyl)
No More Lies (CD box)
The Number Of The Beast (2005 CD single reissue)
The Trooper (2005 CD single reissue)
The Trooper (2005 Japanese CD single reissue)
The Essential Iron Maiden (2 CD)
Death On The Road (2 CD)
Death On The Road (2 CD, Japanese)
Death On The Road (2 12" picture discs)
A Matter Of Life And Death (CD)
A Matter Of Life And Death (UK CD + DVD)
A Matter Of Life And Death (2 12" picture discs)
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (10" clear vinyl)
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (CD single)
Different World (CD Single)
Different World (7" single)
Somewhere Back In Time (CD)
Somewhere Back In Time (2 LP picture disc)
Flight 666 (2 CD)
Flight 666 (2 LP picture disc)
The Final Frontier (CD)
The Final Frontier (Mission Edition CD)
The Final Frontier (2 12" LP picture disc)
From Fear To Eternity (2 CD, UK)
From Fear To Eternity (2 CD, US)
”En Vivo! (2 CD, UK)
”En Vivo! (2 LP picture disc)
Maiden England '88 (2 LP picture disc)
Maiden England '88 (2 CD)


++Jacobs Dream++
Jacobs Dream (CD)
Theater Of War (CD)
Drama Of The Ages (CD)

++Jag Panzer++
The Tyrants E.P./Ample Destruction (CD)
The Fourth Judgement (CD)
The Age of Mastery (CD)
Thane To the Throne (CD)
Mechanized Warfare (CD)
Decade Of The Nail-Spiked Bat (2 CD)
Casting The Stones (CD)

++Jethro Tull++
Aqualung (CD)

++Judas Priest++
Rocka Rolla (CD)
Sad Wings Of Destiny (CD)  
Rocka Rolla/Sad Wings Of Destiny (2 CD)
Remasters Box
Sin After Sin (CD)
Stained Class (CD)
Killing Machine (CD)
Unleashed In The East (CD)
British Steel (CD)
Point Of Entry (CD, US cover)
Screaming For Vengeance (CD)
Defenders Of The Faith (CD)
Turbo (CD)
Priest...Live! (2 CD)
Ram It Down (CD)
Painkiller (CD)
Jugulator (CD)
Live In London (2 CD)
Metalogy (4 CD + DVD box set)
Angel Of Retribution (CD + DVD digibook)
Nostradamus (2 CD digibook)
A Touch Of Evil (CD)
British Steel (30th Anniversary CD + DVD)
Redeemer Of Souls (CD)

King Of Rome (CD)
Sleepy Plessow (CD)


Karma (CD)
Epica (CD)
The Fourth Legacy (CD)
The Black Halo (CD)
Ghost Opera (2 CD)
Poetry For The Poisoned (CD + DVD)

++Mike Kerr++
The Fire (CD)

++King Diamond++
Abigail (CD)
"Them" (CD)
Conspiracy (CD)
House Of God (CD)
Abigail II: The Revenge (CD)
The Puppet Master (CD + DVD)
Give Me Your Soul...Please (CD)

Coma Of Souls (CD)
Violent Revolution (CD)
Live Kreation (2 CD, limited edition)
Enemy Of God (CD)
Enemy Of God (2 LP)
Hordes Of Chaos (CD + DVD)
Phantom Antichrist (CD + DVD)

++Круиз (Kruiz)++
Круиз (Kruiz) (CD)
Круиз-1 (Kruiz-1) (CD)


Return To Heaven Denied (CD)
Sons Of Thunder (CD)

++Shawn Lane++
Powers Of Ten (CD)

++Led Zeppelin++
Led Zeppelin (LP)
Led Zeppelin (CD)
Led Zeppelin II (LP)
Led Zeppelin II (CD)
Led Zeppelin III (LP)
Led Zeppelin III (CD)
Immigrant Song (7" single)
Houses Of The Holy (LP)
Houses Of The Holy (CD)
Physical Graffiti (2 LP)
Physical Graffiti (2 CD)
The Song Remains the Same (2 CD)
Presence (CD)
In Through The Out Door (CD)
Coda (CD)
Led Zeppelin (4 CD box set)
Box Set 2 (2 CD box set)
BBC Sessions (2 CD)
Early Days (CD)
Latter Days (CD)
How The West Was Won (3 CD)

++Christopher Lee++
Charlemange: The Omens Of Death (CD)  

++Geddy Lee++
My Favorite Headache (CD)

++Less Than Jake++
All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads (7" split single with Megadeth)

++Lesser Martyrs++
The View From Nowhere (CD)

++Liege Lord++
Burn To My Touch (CD)

++Los Asesinos Del Pentagrama++
Dueńos Del Universo (CD)

++Lost Horizon++
Awaken The World (CD)
A Flame To The Ground Beneath (CD)


++Yngwie J. Malmsteen++
Rising Force (CD)
Marching Out (CD)
Trilogy (CD)
Attack!! (CD)
The Best Of... (CD)
Unleash The Fury (CD)
Perpetual Flame (CD)

++Manilla Road++
Open The Gates (CD)

Battle Hymns (Remaster)
Into Glory Ride (Remaster)
Sign Of The Hammer (CD)
Fighting The World (CD)
Kings Of Metal (CD)
The Triumph Of Steel (CD)
Louder Than Hell (CD)
Hell On Wheels Live (2 CD)
Warriors Of The World (CD)
The Dawn Of Battle (CD Single)
Sons Of Odin (CD + DVD)
Gods Of War (Deluxe CD + DVD)
Gods Of War (3 LP)
Gods Of War Live (2 CD digipack)

Killing Is My Business... ...And Business Is Good! (CD)
Killing Is My Business... ...And Business Is Good! (remastered CD)
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (CD)
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (remastered CD)
So Far, So Good...So What! (CD)
So Far, So Good...So What! (remastered CD)
Rust In Peace (CD)
Rust In Peace (remastered CD)
Countdown To Extinction (CD)
Countdown To Extinction (remastered CD)
Youthanasia (CD)
Youthanasia (remastered CD)
Hidden Treasures (CD)
Cryptic Writings (CD)
Cryptic Writings (remastered CD)
The Disintigrators (7" split single with Less Than Jake)
Risk (2 CD, w/"No Risk Disk")
Risk (remastered CD)
The World Needs A Hero (CD)
Rude Awakening (CD)
The System Has Failed (CD)
Back To The Start (CD + DVD digibook)
United Abominations (CD) 
Endgame (CD)
Th1rt3en (CD)
Super Collider (CD)

++Mercyful Fate++
Melissa (CD) 

Hero Nation: Chapter Three (CD)
As One: Chapter Four (CD)

Kill 'Em All (CD)
Ride The Lightning (CD)
Master of Puppets (CD)
...And Justice For All (CD)
Metallica (CD)
Live Shit...Binge And Purge (3 CD/3 VHS box set)
Load (CD)
King Nothing (CD single)
ReLoad (CD)
The Memory Remains (CD single)
The Unforgiven II (CD single)
Garage, Inc. (2 CD)
S&M (2 CD)
St. Anger (CD + DVD)
Death Magnetic (CD digipack)  

++Mind Maze++
Mask Of Lies (CD)

++Morgana Lefay++
Maleficium (CD)

Bomber (LP)
Overkill (LP)
Ace Of Spades (LP)
The Best Of Motörhead (2 CD)


Angels Fall First (CD)
Oceanborn (CD)
Wishmaster (CD)
Wishmastour 2000 (promo CD)
Century Child (Japanese CD)
Bless The Child (CD EP)
Once (Limited Edition CD)
Once (US CD)
Dark Passion Play (Collector's Edition 2 CD)
Imaginaerum (2 CD)
Showtime, Storytime (2 CD + 2 Blu-Ray)

++Noble Beast++
Noble Beast (CD)

++Nocturnal Rites++
Shadowland (promo CD)


++Niccolņ Pagaini++
24 Caprices, Op. 1 (CD)

++The Joe Perry Project++
Let The Music Do The Talking (CD)
I've Got The Rock & Rolls Again (CD)
Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker (mini-LP CD)

The Hunter (CD)
Evolution Purgatory (CD) 
When Eden Burns (CD)

++Tom Petty (And The Heartbreakers)++
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (CD)
You're Gonna Get It! (CD)
Damn The Torpedoes (CD)
Hard Promises (CD)
Southern Accents (CD)
Pack Up the Plantation - Live! (CD)
Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) (CD)
Full Moon Fever (CD)
Greatest Hits (CD)
Wildflowers (CD)
She's The One (CD)
Playback (6 CD box set)
Echo (CD)
The Last DJ (CD, w/bonus DVD)

++Brian Posehn++
Live In: Nerd Rage (CD)

Seven Churches (CD)

++Praying Mantis++
Live At Last (Japanese CD) 

++Project: Roenwolfe++
Neverwhere Dreamscape (CD)

++Psycho Motel++
State Of Mind (CD)
Welcome To the World (CD)


Greatest Hits (CD)
Greatest Hits II (CD)
Queensr’che (CD)
Operation: Mindcrime (CD)
Operation: Mindcrime II (CD)
American Soldier (CD)
Queensr’che (Deluxe CD)


Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (CD)
Rising (3 CD deluxe edition)
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (CD)

Legendary Tales (CD)
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands (CD)
Rain Of A Thousand Flames (CD)
Power Of The Dragonflame (CD)
Dawn Of Victory (CD)
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret (CD)
Live In Canada - The Dark Secret (CD + DVD)
Triumph Or Agony (CD) 
The Cold Embrace Of Fear (CD)
The Frozen Tears Of Angels (CD)
From Chaos To Eternity (CD)

++Uli Jon Roth++
Trancendental Sky Guitar (2 CD)

Rush (CD)
Fly By Night (CD)
Caress Of Steel (CD)
2112 (CD)
All The World's A Stage (CD)
A Farewell To Kings (CD)
Hemispheres (CD)
Permanent Waves (CD)
Moving Pictures (CD)
Exit...Stage Left (CD)
Signals (CD)
Grace Under Pressure (CD)
Power Windows (CD)
Hold Your Fire (CD)
A Show Of Hands (CD)
Presto (CD)
Roll The Bones (CD)
Counterparts (CD)
Test For Echo (CD)
Different Stages (3 CD)
Vapor Trails (CD)
The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974 - 1987 (CD + DVD)
Rush In Rio (3 CD)
Feedback (CD)
R30 (2 CD+2 DVD)
Snakes And Arrows (CD)
Snakes And Arrows Live (2 CD)
Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland (2 CD)
Clockwork Angels (CD)


Otherworlds (CD)

Head On (CD)
Shock Tactics (CD)
Survivors (CD)

++Savage Circus++
Dreamland Manor (CD)
Of Doom And Death (CD)

Hall Of The Mountain King (CD)
Streets - A Rock Opera (CD)

Hypertrace (CD)
Terminal Earth (CD)

Taken By Force (CD)

++Seven Kingdoms++
Brothers Of The Night (CD)
Seven Kingdoms (CD, signed)
The Fire Is Mine (CD, signed)

++Shadow Gallery++
Carved In Stone (CD)
Tyranny (CD)

++Shadows Fall++
The Art Of Balance (promo CD)
Destroyer Of Senses (promo single)

++Silent Force++
Infatuator (CD)

When Worlds Collide (CD)

Beyond The Permafrost (CD)
Breathing The Fire (CD digipack)
Forever Abomination (CD digipack)
Serpents Unleashed (CD)

Show No Mercy (CD)
Hell Awaits (CD)
Reign In Blood (CD)
Seasons In The Abyss (CD)

++Sonata Arctica++
Ecliptica (CD)
Winterheart's Guild (CD)
Silence (CD)
Reckoning Night (CD)
For The Sake Of Revenge (CD + DVD)
Unia (CD)
The Days Of Grays (CD)
Live In Finland (2 CD + 2 DVD)
Stones Grow Her Name (CD digipak)

++Steel Assassin++
War Of The Eight Saints (CD)

++Steel Prophet++
Unseen (promo CD)

Shipwrecked (CD Digipack)

++The Stormrider++
Criseida (CD, Japanese)

War Of The Wizards (CD)

Twilight Time (CD)
Destiny (CD)
Episode (CD)
Infinite (CD)
Elements Pt. I (CD)
Elements Pt. I (CD box set with bonus EP)
Elements Pt. II (CD)
Polaris (CD)
Elysium (CD)
Nemesis (CD)
Nemesis (CD, with bonus tracks)

++Symphony X++
Symphony X (Reissue CD)
The Damnation Game (Reissue CD)
Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Reissue CD)
Twilight In Olympus (Reiusse CD)
V - The New Mythology Suite (CD)
The Odyssey (limited edition CD)
Paradise Lost (Deluxe CD)
Paradise Lost (2 LP)
Iconoclast (2 CD)


Beyond Sanctorum (CD)
Theli (CD)
Vovin (CD)
Deggial (CD)
Secret Of The Runes (CD)
Live In Midgård (2 CD)
Sirius B/Lemuria (2 CD)
Gothic Kabbalah (2 CD)
Live Gothic (2 CD + DVD)
Sitra Ahra (CD)

++Thin Lizzy++
Black Rose (CD)

++Torture Squad++
Pandemonium (CD)

++Traveling Wilburys++
Collection (3 CD)

++Luca Turilli++
Prophet Of The Last Eclipse (Limited Edition CD)


Urchin (CD)


One (CD)

++Vorpal Nomad++
Hyperborea (CD)


War Without End (CD)
Worlds Torn Asunder (CD)
IV: Empires Collapse (CD + DVD)

++Whitford/St. Holmes++
Whitford/St. Holmes (CD) 

Midnight Strikes (CD)
On Fire (CD)
Nightlife (CD)
Life's Blood (CD)

++Within Temptation++
Mother Earth (CD)
The Silent Force (CD)
The Unforgiving (CD + DVD)
Hydra (CD)

Live Fast, Die Fast (CD)
Massive Noise Injection (2 LP, limited: 1844/3000)


Neverworld's End (CD, signed)


++Weird Al Yankovic++
Weird Al Yankovic (CD)
In 3-D (CD)
Dare To Be Stupid (CD)
Polka Party! (CD)
UHF: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Other Stuff (CD)
Even Worse (CD)
Off The Deep End (CD)
Alapalooza (CD)
Permanent Record: Al In The Box (4 CD box set)
Running With Scissors (CD)
Poodle Hat (CD)
Straight Outta Lynwood (Dual Disc CD/DVD)
Alpocalypse (CD + DVD)
Mandatory Fun (CD)


++ZZ Top++
Eliminator (CD)
Rancho Texicano (2 CD)

Armageddon (CD)
Less Than Zero (CD)

-Various Artists/Compilations-
Metal For Muthas (CD reissue)
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, & Jeff Beck 3 CD set
Century Media Records - Demons Of The Fall - Fall/Winter 2002 Sampler CD
AFM Records - Specialties 2002 & 2003 Sampler CD
ProgPower USA XIII Sampler (3 CD)
ProgPower USA XIV Sampler (3 CD)


Things That Go "Pump" In The Night (VHS) (3 music videos, making of "What It Takes video) 

++Ария (Aria)++
Пляска Ада (Hell's Dance) (2 DVD)
Герой Асфльта: 20 Лет (Speedway Hero: 20th Anniversary) (DVD)

++Lewis Black++
Red, White, & Screwed (DVD)

++Blind Guardian++
Imaginations Through The Looking Glass (2 DVD)

++George Carlin++
On Location (DVD)
Carlin On Campus (DVD)
Playing With Your Head (DVD)
What Am I Doing In New Jersey (DVD)
Doin' It Again (VHS)
Back In Town (DVD) 

++Deep Purple++
Perfect Strangers Live (DVD)

++Bruce Dickinson++
Anthology (3 DVD)

Sacred Heart: The DVD (DVD)
Evil Or Divine (CD+DVD)
Holy Diver Live (DVD) 

++Dream Theater++
Chaos In Motion (2 DVD)
Live At Luna Park (Blu-Ray)

++Heaven And Hell++
Live At Radio City Music Hall (DVD)

++Iced Earth++
Alive In Athens (DVD)

++Iron Maiden++
Live After Death (VHS)
12 Wasted Years (VHS, Eddie cover)
Maiden England (VHS)
From There To Eternity (VHS)
Raising Hell (VHS)
Raising Hell (DVD)
The Wicker Man (promo) (VHS)
Classic Albums: The Number Of The Beast (DVD)
Rock In Rio (2 DVD)
Visions Of The Beast (2 DVD)
Dance Of Death (DVD Audio)
Wildest Dreams (DVD single)
Rainmaker (DVD single)
The History Of Iron Maiden Part I: The Early Years (2 DVD)
Death On The Road (3 DVD) 
The History Of Iron Maiden Part II: Live After Death (2 DVD)
Flight 666 (2 DVD)
”En Vivo! (Blu-Ray, US)
”En Vivo! (Blu-Ray, UK)
The History Of Iron Maiden Part III: Maiden England (2 DVD)

++Judas Priest++
Live Vengeance '82 (DVD)
Electric Eye (DVD)
Rising In The East (DVD)
Epitaph (Blu-Ray)  

++Led Zeppelin++
The Song Remains The Same (VHS)

Rusted Pieces (VHS)
Rude Awakening (DVD)
Video Hits (DVD)
Arsenal Of Megadeth (2 DVD)

++Carlos Mencia++
No Strings Attactched (DVD)

From Wishes To Eternity - Live (DVD)
End Of An Era (DVD)

A Show Of Hands (VHS)
Chronicles (DVD)
Rush In Rio (2 DVD)
R30 (2 CD + 2 DVD)
Replay X3 (3 DVD + CD)
1974-1981: An Independent Critical Review (2 DVD) 
Snakes And Arrows Live (3 DVD)
Beyond The Lighted Stage (2 DVD)
Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland (DVD)
Clockwork Angels (Blu-Ray)

War At The Warfield (DVD)
Still Reigning (DVD)

Celebrators Of Becoming (4 DVD + 2 CD)

++Weird Al Yankovic++
Video Library (VHS)
The Ultimate Video Collection (DVD)